Our family has worked tirelessly to grow a high quality grass hay that everyone can be confident that they are feeding their animals a well balance forage that they too can be proud.



Here at “the grassfarmer” we are focusing on producing the best hay possible.  We are producers of Vaughn’s #1 Bermuda grass.  Vaughn’s has been tested to consistently have the highest TDN scores of Bermuda grasses and protein values in the high teens. Vaughn’s #1 Bermuda grass has the ability to produce outstanding quality and quantity year in and year out. We produce small square bales weighing 50 pounds.  Our hay is mechanically retrieved and stored on pallets to insure that you are getting clean hay free of mold.  


About The grassfarmer

Providing quality bermuda grass hay to animal lovers in West Tennessee and the surrounding areaw.

The grassfarmer  

provider of Vaughens #1 Bermuda